Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Medium is the Message

How is Youtube not the means of which a message is shared, but the message itself. Marshall Mcluhan is famed for saying that it is the media itself that is the message. This goes far beyond Youtube as well. Wikipedia, Blogger, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, JibJab; all of these mediums convey a certain message, or are indeed their own message. Instantly shared photos, Upload and View video, Snarky and Whitty comments shared of 140 characters or less. 7 second cinema, pokes and likes and user edited information, all of these forms of media tell their own story of who they are. We are connected to people now that we've never been able to before. The world has become a smaller place. Trending Topics can give you and others something to confederate or commiserate in. There's a culture being created around this transpansive media. Instant gratification and the freedom of choice. That's the message being shared to America. It's your choice!

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